Parksville Mobile Homes for Sale

Dale Rumming – Serving the Oceanside Area

Why Buy a Modular Home?

Buying a modular home is a great way to get into the market with very little down, and with the price of rents going sky high, there is also the benefit of paying yourself instead of your landlord.  Whether you are downsizing and retiring to allow more time for travel, or starting your family and tired of paying rent, this may be one option to consider. If you . . .

  1. Like to walk out your front door onto your own lawn
  2. Want a newer home without the cost of a house on land
  3. Like the freedom with less maintenance
  4. Don’t like sharing the walls, ceiling and floors with your neighbour
  5. Want to pay less taxes paid since you only pay on the chattel, not the land (that’s part of the pad fee costs…)
  6. Compare water/sewer bills in the city with rural MHP — part of pad fee goes to that too!
  7. THIS IS THE ONLY PURCHASE THAT YOU CAN MAKE THAT THE PROPERTY TRANSFER FEE DOES NOT APPLY – so you just saved yourself 1% of the first 200,000 in upfront costs.